pdfTeX/pdfLaTeX and changebar.sty

Important news:

The latest release of the changebar package (release 2005/09/18 v3.5c) can now be used directly with pdfLaTeX and does not require any modifications of pdfTeX or changebar.sty. Therefore I recommend updating to the latest changebar release instead of using the patches described below!



The LaTeX package changebar.sty allows to mark parts of a text with vertical bars in the margin and is typically used to indicate modified passages of text (an example is shown below). Unfortunately, changebar.sty does not work in combination with pdfLaTeX (at least, with pdfLaTeX in pdf-mode).

The file pdftex_changebar_patches.tgz contains patches that can be applied to the pdfTeX source tree and to changebar.sty in order to use the changebar package together with pdfLaTeX. These patches are based on an earlier version provided by Richard Curnow <rc0@despammed.com>, see <URL:http://www.rpcurnow.force9.co.uk/pdftex/> or <URL:http://www.rc0.org.uk/>. He permitted kindly that I offer this updated version for download.

[Changebar example page 1] [Changebar example page 2]


To apply the current version (version 0.8) of the pdfTeX/changebar patches you need

Patches for older versions are listed in the History section below.

To use these patches you have to compile your own pdftex binary. Before downloading the patches you might like to verify that you are able to build your own pdftex binaries from the source tree. A short description of the installation is given below.


This description is for Unix-like systems. Everything you do, might break your system (software or hardware) and you do it at your own risk! Don't stop thinking while following these instructions!

  1. Apply the pdfTeX patch to the pdfTeX tree:
  2. Apply the changebar patch to changebar.sty:
  3. Rebuild the ls-R database (e. g., run texhash).


Earlier versions of this patch can be applied to older source trees of pdftex (and older versions of changebar.sty):

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